Our Real Estate Agency TINOS-ESTATE has available to your choice many valuable investment proposals. The selling prices of our property proposals are well adjusted in accordance to today's economic reality.

After presenting and visiting the property that match your requirements, we will contact the property owner to set the final selling price to your benefit.

Then we will support you in making the following necessary steps:

• Assignment to a Lawyer of your choice to check the title deeds at the Mortgage Registrar Office in Tinos.

• Assignment of a Civil Engineer of your choice to check and verify the technical specifications of the property (house or land).

• Establishment of private Agreement - Engagement between you (Buyer) and the owner (Seller). A deposit is paid and the property is withdrawn from the market.

• Obtaining your Tax Identification Number from the Tax Bureau.

• Opening your Banking account.

• Assignment of a Notary Public of your choice to calculate the property purchase tax amount and to prepare and finalize the contract for the transfer of the property to your name.

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